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As women- we are reclaiming our power.

in these current times- power is often a word people are shying away from -

but it can mean different things.

If you listen to my podcast, or read my blog,

you may have noticed that I use the word powerful often.

It's of importance I believe-

owning your power.

sitting in your power.

For everyone,

but especially for women.

We are reclaiming power.

Personal power-

feminine power-

and collective feminine power.

It is not about power over another-

it is about power within.

I am currently reading about Power-

via Access Consciousness- and I found something I would like to share.

This is what they say-

"Power is not sitting on top of another-

power is not controlling, power is energy.

Unlimited, expansive, growing, magnificent, glorious, fabulous, exuberant and quick energy.

It is everywhere,

there is no diminishment of self in energy,

there is no diminishment of self in power

and there is no diminishment of another.

When you become power, you are in totality-self!

And when you are self, you are being energy,

and as energy, all is connected to you."

-Access Consciousness


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