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Let's Not Fight Each Other

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

There's been so much to think about.

I've been quiet because I'm researching and thinking.

Someone reached out trying to fight with me today and since I've been quiet I want to say this:

Just because there may be political agendas at play, and attempts to manipulate us via social media and all other sorts of media (ps, there ALWAYS are) does not mean that we should not take a look at ourselves personally.

What do we take for granted?

Why do we believe the things that we do?

What is Learned Behavior as opposed to intentional behavior aligned with our own personally examined beliefs?

What kind of words and opinions fly out of our mouths without a second thought?


Racism exists.

And it's being used for multiple agendas.

Understanding the definition of words such as: racism, the difference and link between it and the word prejudice: privilege & white privilege (those are not the same definition by the way) are helpful in this current climate.

There ARE people dying from a virus.

And -there are Also Agendas.

All of a sudden everyone wants to fight with each other?

Do we not think THAT is an agenda?

Why are we so ready to fight each other?

Why are we not trying to find where we Do agree and start from there as opposed to finding 1 place that we don't agree and creating separation between us because of it?


It's shocking to see how some of our friends are behaving- but many of them are Reacting.


Because the System has already set them up to be ready to react. And others think they know all there is to know about one of these subjects.

Most Everyone that I know is NOT a scientist, In Politics or in the Real government.


And that is quite possibly the same for you.

To me that Means We Don't know the Real Truth.

Still, I think educating one's self is key.


Another way to learn is to Listen to Other's Personal experiences.

About Racism.

About the Virus.

Listen for the Truth.

Listen through emotional intelligence.

And be OPEN.

How can we be open to the Truth with all of these closed opinions?

Based on information none of us can prove Anyway!

And since none of us is going to know the real truth about most of the issues people are fighting over, there will Always be something more to learn.


Also- Sharing what we are learning is helpful.

How and Where we are learning it.

That way others can all have the chance to check it out and be educated on what's influencing us.

I've been having discussions with people who seemingly disagree.

Most of the time they disagree with what they Think I believe in.

And they share with me information.

And I listen to it.

Read it watch it etc.

And then I get to explain where I am actually coming from.

Some of these conversations have been amazing!

Honestly MOST of them.


If you are fighting with people right now, you are part of creating war.

If you care about what you believe in, try educating people instead.

Why not bring your friends INTO your Circle instead of casting them out?

As Within so Without.

Let's all ask ourselves these questions.

- Jaime Black

Photo Credit: Adam Petrishin


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