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A Priestess alone in a cave. She enters the temple, and sings in ritual. she calls to the witches "Awaken. Remember, we are the daughters of the ones who burned. We are the healers, the wise ones, the psychics, the midwives. The Oracles of Delphi, the Daughters of Avalon, the Priestesses. I AM YOU. I AM HER. I AM SHE. WE are SHE." As within so without.

As without, So within.

and So it is. Blessed Be.

Violet Flame


Journey to Avalon Retreat-Sands of Time

Women's Moon Circles

What IS a Moon Circle? Women's Circles, Moon Circles, Moon Ceremonies are all ways that we as Women can get together to heal our sister wounds. Powerful sharing, releasing, and sisterhood bonding happen during these events. Jaime Black offers these events at and at alternating locations in Los Angeles and other cities where she is touring music.



We are The Daughters of the Ones You Burned.

And there were millions of them.

Most of them women.

Murdered for being women in their power.


Our culture right now is so obsessed with healers, psychics, Tarot reading, magic, herbalism-

ANY Woman practicing these NORMAL HUMAN skills

“back in the day” was at risk for being murdered by the church.



They were tortured, hanged, burned, drowned, beaten and shaved and tortured in public-and I am absolutely sure they were raped, and forced into sexual slavery by the very people leading these witch hunts.


There is a reason women don’t trust each other and I believe it started here.

Women turned on each other to save their children because they were given no other choice. Sisters turned on sisters, friends on friends, daughters on mothers and on and on.


Fortunately we are in the time for healing all of this with the re-awakening of these very souls and their ancestors.


Hear my song: “We Are the Daughters of the Ones you Burned”


Women today, in this country at least have the freedom to identify as a witch and claim the term as one of empowerment and unifying them with all the women who were branded, persecuted and killed for being women who had the ability to heal others via their connection with spirit.


Most people really have no idea how many of them were killed.


There were millions....

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