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Tarot Sessions

inclusive experience of Tarot, Intuitive Coaching & Ritual 

$222 via Phone/Zoom

90 minute session includes coaching and ritual work. 


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            I do not offer refunds on classes, readings, retreats, rituals or coaching sessions.


Legal Disclaimer: Intuitive readings/coaching sessions given in person, over the phone, over video, or via email and any information relayed during the sessions are to be entertained by the client, yet in no way constitute the medical, legal, financial, or psychological advice given by a legally designated professional. You are encouraged to always seek the help of a qualified professional if you are in need of medical, legal, financial, or psychological advice. What you decide to do with the information that comes through during a reading/coaching session, including any actions you take, is your own choice and personal responsibility. Jaime Black is released from any liability resulting from use or misuse of information gleaned from a session. By booking a session with Jaime Black, the client acknowledges that he/she adheres to this agreement. 

Beginning Tarot Course

6 Week on line group course

All you Need is

a Tarot Deck 

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"I did my first official reading with Jaime ever.  I came to her at a time where I most needed it.  A period of unrest and confusion has settled in my life and for years I had purpose but soon found I was once again in a limbo state.  She was able to guide me through the experience patiently revealing the meaning behind all the cards and what I'm experiencing in connection to world around me.  Look forward to doing the work this summer to find my direction again as I dig into the messages I received.  So glad I chose to do this; and I feel like the last few days after the reading, I have been gracefully aligning my intentions with the universe. :)   As it might take some time, but I already feel hopeful and a glimpse of light in this journey."

-Mr. L

"I have had readings from Jaime several times now, and each time was wonderful! I've never had tarot be so accurate in what's going on in my life before! Jaime is really good at interpreting the cards as well as telling you what she's doing and what the cards could mean. She's a very good listener, and she's also just a joy to be around. The readings were so good. For real. So spot on, definitely not just telling me what I wanted to hear lol. The first reading warned me about something I was secretly considering that would have really messed my life up and there was no way she could have possibly known about this. Thankfully I listened, and I'm so grateful I did. The second reading was during a party that we hired her for, and it was cool to hear how everyone's readings were so different yet so specific to events in their lives! Mine was all about a unique project I'm working on and she and the cards described every aspect of it. It was really validating to get this type of guidance. I can't wait to go to one of her moon circles! I've been wanting to but have just had scheduling issues. They sound amazing and very transformative. 
I would definitely hire her again to do an event and would recommend her to anyone who wants some guidance from a very grounded but tuned in magical person"

-Minnie G.

"I had a Tarot reading with Jaime that was absolute magic. Jaime is so insightful, grounded, and clear -- you can tell she is a deep and true listener, intuitive, empathic, and so wise. Her grasp on the cards and her ability to translate their meaning swiftly, with both great sensitivity and a sense of humor, was so impressive and helpful. You can tell she comes from a place of passion in her work and a true desire to help you navigate and improve your life. I felt really safe and held as we went through the journey of the cards and was moved by the care Jaime took throughout. She has an amazing attention to detail and a huge breadth of knowledge, from Astrology to Tarot and beyond. I will happily return to Jaime for more readings and so highly recommend you connect with her!"

-Dan R.

"Jaime is amazing! I've seen her for readings and I've been to her new moon women's circles. In both, Jaime is a truly sensitive and beautiful soul who is supportive and very intuitive. A priestess who guides and does so with the utmost grace and understanding. I highly recommend her tarot card readings and moon circles. She's a pleasure to be around and you'll leave feeling lighter and with a better sense of knowing and support. I can't thank Jaime enough for how much she's helped me"

-Mia A