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 I have a strict no refund policy on all of offerings. 



Spiritual Guidance

For Personal Empowerment


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What Is and Is Not Okay to Ask During A Tarot Reading

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"Through Jaime's guidance, I've been able to explore some of the deepest parts of what I am challenged by and working on, and some of the deepest parts of what I sometimes forget to see-- all of the aspects of myself and life that I want to remember to celebrate." 

-Jules O.


Spirit Sessions

An inclusive experience of Tarot, Spiritual Coaching & Ritual 

*These are my specialty readings*

Great for your first reading, New Moons, Full Moons,

Solstices, Equinoxes, Solar Returns (birthdays)


90 minute session

via Phone/Zoom 


Basic Tarot

Simple yet powerful.

Tarot without the deeper work.

For those who are just sampling my style

or need a cheaper option.


45 minute session

via Phone/Zoom


Spiritual Empowerment

(Coaching Sessions)

See me on a regular basis for life coaching.

Available in packages only.

60-90 minute sessions

via Phone/Zoom

By application only. 

Contact me to apply.

Learn to Read the Tarot with Priestess Jaime Black!

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            I do not offer refunds on classes, readings, retreats, rituals or coaching sessions.


Legal Disclaimer: Intuitive readings/coaching sessions given in person, over the phone, over video, or via email and any information relayed during the sessions are to be entertained by the client, yet in no way constitute the medical, legal, financial, or psychological advice given by a legally designated professional. You are encouraged to always seek the help of a qualified professional if you are in need of medical, legal, financial, or psychological advice. What you decide to do with the information that comes through during a reading/coaching session, including any actions you take, is your own choice and personal responsibility. Jaime Black is released from any liability resulting from use or misuse of information gleaned from a session. By booking a session with Jaime Black, the client acknowledges that he/she adheres to this agreement.