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Music, Moon Circles,
Sound Bath Rituals, 
Workshops & Retreats

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*Online Events*
Music, Rituals, Moons Circles, Workshops, Summits 

*Online Courses*

Many of my tarot “clients” ask if I teach Tarot because they like the way I read for them.

I’ve had many teachers, and what I’ve learned over time is that we all read differently.

Ultimately, the cards are a tool.
There are many ways to use them.

And there’s so much to learn.

I now teach a beginning Tarot class. 
And I teach you to read the Tarot the way I do it.

Not specifically what each card means to me, though we do discuss that-but more of the HOW I read the cards. 
I started reading Tarot in 2000. But even after I learned and studied for years I still wasn’t comfortable reading for others or even myself without referencing a book. 🔮

In my 6 week beginning tarot class Im gonna teach you the skills to learn how to start reading for yourself and others.

Im gonna teach you how to use your own intuition to read the cards and learn from THEM!


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