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What Exactly IS a Life Coach?

I had this thought when I woke up this morning and thought I could shed some light.

A Life coach is someone who holds a tight container for your transformation.

Someone who SEES Who you are, Where you are, and has the ability to help you get to where you want to go.

YOU have to do the work of course, but this is someone who is focused on you, can SEE the things you can't and by helping you with You, can assist you in reaching your goals.

I heard a coach say to her clients recently, You don’t have to resonate with your coach!


I HIGHLY disagree!

If you are going to work one on one with someone- you absolutely have to resonate!!!

A good coach for you, is not necessarily a good coach for someone else and vise vera.

No one wants cookie cutter guidance- I certainly don’t!

Life Coaches come in many forms.

They can be Healers, Teachers, Psychics, Spiritual workers, Athletes, Health/Fitness experts, Yogis, etc, and all of that will add to their coaching ability.

Find someone who you resonate with!

A good life coach for you will also have experience and knowledge in subjects that pertain to you. Through personal experience, past clients, and study.

A life coach holds a container for you when you need support because you are going through a personal transition AND when you are trying to make big changes to take yourself to the next level.

They create constant focus on your growth and personal development. And a safe place for you to challenge yourself and face your fears.

When you are in a coaching container, it causes you to have to show up for yourself. Show up to the Truth about yourself and especially your current behavior in regards to your goals.

A Good Life Coach helps you to take a look at Everything in your life as it is now, how you have caused it to be that way, and helps you to face your fears and resistance so

you can create the results you are looking for in your future.


Obviously I'm a life coach to be writing all of this.

And yes, if you feel you resonate with me, please reach out.

I LOVE this work and I think it's really important and powerful for you and me both. It's wonderful work to be doing together and really good time in the world to be doing it.



((📷 Raquel Rocky Natalicchio))


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