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Jaime Black

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Priestess. Magi. Witch.

Sound Healer.

Ritualist. Musician.

Podcast Hostess.

Women's Empowerment Coach.

   Jaime Black was born and raised on the western coast of America in the state of California. As a student of martial arts, along with extensive musical training in her youth, Jaime has been studying the energetics of sound and movement nearly her entire life. For the past 23 years Jaime Black has called home in the bustling little city of Los Angeles, she is right in sync with the era of the Women’s Empowerment Movement.

As such Jaime facilitates group rituals, sound baths, women’s circles, Red Tents, Women’s Empowerment trainings and amazing retreats.

Jaime Black is the Founder and Creatrix of:

"Silverlake Priestess"

A magical business along with the Silverlake Priestess Podcast.


Jaime Black also teaches Martial Arts as well as being a Spiritual Life Coach, with this wonderful collection of talent and focus she is an amazing woman to know.

Along with all the wonderful work Jaime Black has been creating and maintaining she is linked in with the spirit realm and provides powerful Tarot sessions.

Tarot & Spiritual Guidance

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