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Jaime Black

Priestess. Magi. Witch.

Sound Healer.

Ritualist. Musician.

Podcast Host. Martial Artist.

Personal Empowerment Coach.

  Welcome kindred Spirit.

My name is Jaime Black.

I am here to share with you

My Story.

My story is one that taught me to work my ass off.

To listen to my intuition and be brutally honest with myself. 


I believe we all have a purpose here with each other

and on the planet at this time and it is my mission to serve it and empower others to serve theirs.

I grew up in California, I am a native. 

I was born in the north, and then moved to Los Angeles when I was 19.

I have a badass family that taught me love, showed me my purpose, and gave me a foundation to grow from.  


I started practicing martial arts when I was 8 and

I got my Black Belt in Tae Know Do when I was in Jr High School.

My family opened our own martial arts school when I was in high school where I taught classes and learned how to run a family business.

What an incredible foundation for the rest of my life!

For my physical health as well as my mental health. 

I was an empowered female from a young age and I've sought to empower everyone around me ever since.


I began to study music in 4th grade. I played the flute until my teenage years and then I picked up the guitar in my 20's. The voice however has always been with me.  I used to sing Somewhere over the Rainbow for my Mom when she was washing the dishes.  It was a gift I came here with. 

And I spent most of my young life hiding it though all I wanted to do was let it out. 


My brother broke his neck in my early 20s. It changed all of our lives forever.

It changed me instantaneously. It broke me open, I became extremely sensitive, the experience activated my psychic gifts. I became extremely Spiritual, I became vegetarian. And I started receiving messages from my higher self and hearing music in my sleep.

I went on a search for meaning. For the ability to heal. I studied yoga, tarot, meditation, Kabbalah, magick, crystal healing, reiki, ritual, and I started writing music. 


I wrote music from my dreams, from my readings, from my divinations. 

And I performed on Full Moons, in yoga classes, in Avalon.


I recorded a couple albums but I wasn't fulfilled only making music. 

I needed more. 


I went back to school to study psychology and I decided to pursue life coaching.

One of my gifts is that I am a Natural life coach.

With my natural ability to motivate and empower others and the gift of being able to "see" purpose,

I make a powerful ally for those wanting to take responsibility for their lives here on the planet and serve their Sacred Purpose. 


My own experiences of trauma and deep personal transformation have given me ability to guide and be a light for others on a similar journey. 

I am a certified Sacred Depths life coach, Yoga instructor, Reiki Master,  I am a musician, a writer,

and a ritualist.

I have a Black Belt in Tae Know, and I am a self initiated Priestess of Spirit. 

I currently facilitate group Rituals, Sound baths, Women’s circles, Red Tents,

Women’s Empowerment trainings and incredible Retreats.

I read Tarot and offer Spiritual Life Coaching  for my day job at Silverlake Priestess

my magical business and Podcast. 


I currently practice and teach at an all women's kick boxing boot camp in Hollywood. 

And I also perform powerful live music ceremonies with ritual and meditation.

My story Now, includes You. 

It is my Sacred Purpose to lead ritual for my community, and empower personal growth and transformation so that we may all serve our purpose here for the greatest good. 

PLEASE reach out and book one of my Signature Sessions, or come to one of my Events.

All of my offerings are available here on my website. 


It is my honor to work with you and be of Service in this way. 

Thank you for being You,

You are the only one with Your Magic and We Need You!


Blessed Be.




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