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"I've been working with Jaime in several capacities for a while now and I really am so grateful to have her in my life - as a friend, circle sister and mentor. Jaime has an undeniable magic to her - and as someone who seeks to remember my own psychic/magical/healing abilities - her presence never fails to activate what is within me and to help draw it out. She has a wealth of knowledge from her life and practices to draw on and offers up that information and wisdom freely. She is great with explaining something you don't understand in a concise, relevant way. 

I've come to her in many different head spaces and emotional states, blissful to drained to anxiety ridden, but I always feel safe with her and able to open up, even if it takes some time and gentle nudging to get to the core of what is going on, we get there together - judgement free. She's also willing to share her experience, past or present, which allows a lot of connection to happen and, in a way, blurs the line between a conventional teacher/student relationship. In just a few months, Jaime has helped me grow in so many ways, personally and spiritually. I always leave feeling a lot lighter, more clear and inspired. 

If this sort of thing is new to you, take heart in knowing Jaime knows how to create and hold sacred space (one on one and in a community setting). Her energy is grounded, real and receptive. She truly listens and offers prudent, direct insight. Her moon circles have a loose structure around ritual work, music, sharing, and meditation, but each time feels fresh and new and exciting, never stagnant. 

Whether you come to a moon circle (online or in person), get a reading, or do coaching work with her - expect to leave feeling lit up from inside."

-Haley S