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Winter Solstice Revelations

*Powerful Solstice Revelations*

This is an extremely powerful time. Can you feel it?

I've been Re- uniting with so many friends who seemed to me lost in my past. So many re-connections happening over this past month it's been amazing and almost unreal.

A huge energy shift is occurring all around me, causing a huge shift in the people in my life.

I've been on the same train for such a long time it seems. My daily life anyway. I have friends all over- but most of you, are far away from me.

I see very few of "my people" on a regular basis and that has been very disappointing for me- for a while. Years actually.

But something happened a few weeks ago and I started going out and mingling ((which I don't do much anymore (I'm always working)) and it seems to have powerfully activated something in my journey.

We never know what life has in store for us.

So many people in my life right now from my past. Offering/Holding positions/opportunities I never would have imagined.

The most important thing I can tell you from this place is to KEEP DOING YOUR THING

which is usually your "dream" and directly related to and linked to your Sacred Purpose. ______

Things seems stagnant sometimes, but that will always change. We are never too old. It's never too late. and it's never over.

Just when you think you know..... life will show you that you Don't actually know the plan 😉 ______

I'm amazed that what I get to do all day is live my life the way that I want to. I had to make big sacrifices to get here- but-

I read cards, have deep discussions, make art, play music. I Sing louder and longer in public than I even thought was a possibility for me at this point. I am re-learning to teach things I haven't taught since I was in high school and it's activating all the parts of me I thought lost to my past. I feel strong, happy, healthy, and more powerful than I ever have- am I'm the oldest I ever have been.

The past couple of years have been a struggle- and I wouldn't trade ANY OF IT.

Because it all led me here.

And I don't get to live like this because I can "afford" it-

I can't afford not to.

And that's been one of my hard lessons of this past year.

Your life can not be put on hold because you don't have the money for it. You must find the way anyway.

Your message, your service, your purpose must be served regardless.


My word for this year was Wealth. And I wanted it to be about money- Learning how to manifest it.

And so this past year was a hard lesson in Remembering that WEALTH is about something very very different than money....

Tonight I finally got the message. Thank you universe. Lesson received.

Image credit: Adam Petrishin From the Solstice Ritual and Sound Ceremony at The Crooked Path


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