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What is your Sacred Purpose?

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

What is YOUR Sacred Purpose?

Do you know?

Have you thought about it?

We tend think it is something we have to go on a search for- or be awakened to.

And if your life has been a bit uneventful in ways- you might feel like you are still waiting for something to happen so you can realize what it is - or who you ARE.

And though extreme or traumatic events do often have the effect- of putting us face to face with who we are-

I want to tell you that it is ALREADY within you. ✨ You already ARE the MEDICINE you are here to offer. ✨ Start within,

Ask yourself:

WHAT is IMPORTANT to me? ✨ REALLY important. ✨ What MATTERS to me about life? ✨ What do I BELIEVE in? ✨ What do I believe is right? ✨ What do I WANT for the world? ✨ What do I REALLY WANT for the people that I CARE about most? ✨ What do I WISH that others could know- or feel, or understand? ✨ Your message LIVES here, inside of your own wishes. thoughts. desires. concerns. ✨

Who ARE YOU to others? 🌹

Who are you to animals? To plants? To trees?

To the Earth? 🌲

To Spirit? ✨

Yes- you affect Spirit as well.

If you could NOT fail in the attempt to succeed,

what is the one message you would impart on the world? ✨

This message is what you have been called to share here in this life time.

(It doesn’t have to be words-by the way) ______________________________________

YOUR Calling- is personal to YOU. ✨

Many of us may have very similar callings. ✨

Some of us may even have the same- ✨

But it is YOUR higher self that calls you ✨ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Your Higher Self, Your Source, Your Angels, Your Guides, Your Intuition, Your Inner Wisdom ✨ Which ever reference aligns with your beliefs,

It is that/ they/ You- that Calls you. ✨ ✨

So it can’t be the same as someone else’s. ✨

You will reach the people you are MEANT to reach- ✨

who you are ABLE to reach- ✨

and that is specific to YOU and ONLY YOU. 🔥

No one else can do it for you. ✨ ✨

This is how SPECIAL your mission is. ✨

This is how IMPORTANT you are. ✨

So think about it- 🙏

What is YOUR Sacred Purpose? ✨


Wanna activate it?

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Jaime Black

(Photo Credit: Jay Kantor )

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