• Jaime Black

What IS a Priestess?

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

There are many beautiful, intuitive, historic, poetic, correct and incorrect answers to this question. 🌹

I’m going to tell you what a Priestess IS from my own personal perspective and experience. 🌹

She is a daughter of SHE. 🌹

Made in HER image and here to do HER work. 🌹

She is of The Sacred. 🌹

And She is On a Sacred Mission. 🌹

SHE is Whole unto her-Self. 🌹

She may choose to have a partner-of ANY gender, but She does not NEED a man to take care of Her- or ANYONE to speak For Her. 🌹



She is here to SERVE 🌹


To AWAKEN- to who She is now- 🌹

And who She has been before. 🌹

She is here to HEAL.. ✨



to TEACH ✨

to LOVE ✨


And to DESTROY. ✨

She is here to SERVE a PURPOSE. 🌹

When SHE awakens inside of you-

It is an un-paralleled experience.

SHE will disrupt your peaceful pretending.

SHE will redirect your entire life.

SHE is here to HEAL the collective. 🌹

SHE and Her Sisters, and waking up inside of us all over the planet.

Some of us have been awake for years, some of us are just beginning to awaken. 🌹

We each have a part- in activating and healing the rest of our sisters. 🌹

We each have a different story to tell,

We each have a seat in the circle.

We each have a womb on the Womb Grid.


IF SHE is calling from inside of you-

Get yourself in a Womens circle. 🌹

IF SHE has already AWAKENED within you-

You better be Leading a women’s circle, a red tent, a sister gathering. ✨

A Priestess, is She who hears the CALL. 🌹

SHE who claims Her place-


-Jaime Black

image credit: Jay Kantor

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