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Transformation is Uncomfortable

Transformation is uncomfortable....

Imagine the snake.

At some point- she is gonna shed that skin.

It's a given.

But that doesn't make it any more comfortable.

Think about how uncomfortable that experience must be.

It's not like that old layer of skin just peals right off.


It has to die-

Then begin to separate from the rest of her skin- as she still wears it.

She wants to be free of it-

But it too- has a process it has to go through to be free.

Then at the point when the old layer begins to come off-

How long does it take before she can completely release it?

All the while uncomfortable.

She has to rub it off-

And then- once she is free-

She is in new skin.

Ahhh shiny and new!

New and soft and vulnerable and extra sensitive.

Probably sensitive to the sunlight-

Maybe it even injures easily.

Does this sound a little bit like you and your own process lately?

It feels like mine!

So give yourself the room to shed.

To be uncomfortable.

To be in your new skin.

To get to know this new version of yourself.

Many of us are shedding layers quickly-

As soon as we have gotten comfortable in this brand new skin-

it's time to shed it as well.

We are growing.

And it's uncomfortable-

But we feel more and more ourselves.

Coming into ourselves.

Our most authentic selves.

And we are going through it together.



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