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Sisterhood Empowerment

I got clear on something this weekend.

More specifically than a women’s empowerment coach-

I’m a Sisterhood empowerment coach. 👯‍♀️

My angle on this is that we who still identify as SHE, need to heal together. 💫

As we welcome each other in the circle- we are each then able to claim our seat in the circle. (Reflective of the whole)


We have to heal what is wounded inside of us- before we can serve the whole. Or as whole.


And by doing so- we DO serve the whole! 💫

Safety is key- and it seems to be that we need to do this in a space apart from men.

I know I do.

One to feel our sovereignty- two to feel the sisterhood.


It feels different when there is a man in the room.

The way we relate to women effects how we relate to our selves-

as a woman-

and that channel has been closed off for so long- for so many of us.


When only women are in the room- we start to connect with that which represents the feminine within ourselves.

I “hated” women for a large part of my life. 💔

It wasn’t until falling in love with a women that I began to love the parts I hated about myself. 🌹

-To even realize that I had been hating women because I wanted to deny those parts of myself I had learned to view as weakness.


The healing I’ve been able to experience because of the sharing I’ve been able to do in a space with women only- has been life changing.


As we heal each other we can serve the collective more powerfully- empowered from a whole state- not a broken one.

I needed my sisters to become whole again.

Because each women in the circle is a part of me that is SHE- and is healing.

With the changing times- the shifting paradigm-the movement towards gender fluidity- it seems to illuminate the need for these wounds to be healed even more so -that we may move forward into a more expansive way of thinking and relating.

But healing always needs to happen first.

And the women who are called to circle- are called so that we may do this healing- so that the collective may move forward- free from the chains of the past.

So come sit with me- in person- on line, at a retreat- on my podcast.

I want to be with you!

We can only be the sisterhood together.



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