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Spewing Negative Energy onto Others

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

When we spew all of our negativity out to others, we are literally spilling it onto and into them.

Whether it's on a post, on the phone, in a text, or in person... it's dumping.

In a way- without realizing it- to get it off of ourselves.

But it doesn't leave us.

It actually creates MORE.

Like attracts like energy.

When you contact someone and just Vent-

you should really be asking is it okay if I dump all of my unprocessed negative energy onto you?

Asking for support is something different.

Wanting to be seen and heard so that you can process is also different.

I don't tolerate a spewing of negative energy on to me, on the phone, via text, here on my page, people get removed.

-and in saying that am going to abide by my own rules remove the negativity in one of my former posts that has a bit too much negative energy in it.

It's not about everything being all love and light.

But it is about holding ourselves responsible for the energy we put out into the universe.


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