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Transforming Holiday Mindset

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Hello everyone 🙂

How are we all doing!?

One Holiday weekend over-

Now are in the Winter Holiday Portal

until the Calendar New Year.


There's so much to face over these next 5 weeks.

Family, resistance, scarcity, overwhelm,

What about a mindset reset?


What if you could enjoy the next 5 weeks?

We're at the end of a full moon,

releasing energy all the way until it's dark.

and then new again.


Let's be complete with one holiday experience,

and clear out and reset for the next.

How can we grow and transform our way of thinking over this time?

What if we approach these next 5 weeks with ease?

What if we ENJOY everything that comes next.

Friends, peppermint hot chocolate, lights, Yule trees, mistletoe


Think about all those people that lost their homes and loved ones in the fires.

It's certainly getting more stressful for them with the rains and colder weather setting in.


Last I checked they haven't even been about to go back to their homes yet to see if there is anything left

Having rushed away with maybe a sweater- maybe not.

Maybe their cat- maybe not.


We have to enjoy our life right now while we have it.

Things can change so fast.

Don't let consumerism stress you out.


And don't place unfair expectations on yourself.


Start everyday with asking yourself-

"what am I grateful for?"


Think about it so much that it fills your being -

Start your day from this place. 🙏

And when you get lost in the craziness-

just do the exercise again.


it'll keep your centered.

When you find your self stressing about what to buy someone in your life that really doesn't need anything else-

Buy something for a family in the fire instead.


Or for someone on the street who actually NEEDS something

Redirect your energy- in a POSITIVE direction.

This is what I will be doing,

I invite you to join me


-Jaime Black


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