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FEAR of Being Naked

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

FEAR of being naked.

This one is for the women-

but can apply to all of us. __________________________

It is NOT common practice for us to be naked around each other.

Somewhere along the way- that freedom has been lost to us.

I was at the Korean Spa today- and there is no clothing aloud in the water area.

Some of us are used to this- but the majority of us are NOT.

I have some friends that will ABSOLUTELY NOT go into an environment like that.

There is real fear there for sure.

And for those of us that do go-

We don’t make a lot of eye contact with the naked women that we don’t KNOW-

At first it’s hard to do it even with the women that we DO know.

Most of us do not hang out naked with our friends.

And if you’ve been practicing- awesome! good for you! 🌹 -But I’m sure you can remember when it wasn’t so easy.

I can tell you that I don’t know what most of my female friends look like naked.

The point is not to KNOW what they look like-

They also haven’t seen me naked either.

The point is- we HIDE ourselves from each other.

So how do you think this translates Into everything else-we do? __________________________

We wear bras, form contouring clothing-

Things that push you up and hold you in- yoga pants and tights that suction in your stomach, your thighs- Your butt.

And when people compliment you- on your figure lets say-

You know you can’t really believe it because when you go home- and take it all off-

It looks very different that it did just in minute ago in all of those clothes.

What about make up?

How many of you when sleeping over with a new lover for the first time-

don’t wash your face?

You’re more happy to leave the smudged mascara under your eyes for the morning than actually wash all that make up off and be seen the way you really are.

And it’s always embarrassing right?

The first time you see them SEE you without your make up?

We are not used to being SEEN.

For what we really look like.

And when we ARE- we are embarrassed. ashamed. humiliated. just for being who we really are- looking like what we really look like.

And so since we are not encouraged to be SEEN- We do not have the experience of seeing the beauty of what is really there. 🌹

We are not used to being celebrated and accepted for what we really look like-

We beat ourselves up- shame ourselves- criticize ourselves- over what is NATURAL

What about hair?!

As if women don’t actually have leg and armpit hair just as naturally as men do.

When too much of the real thing is witnessed-

We are not taught to accept and love our feminine bodies-

We have learned to be ashamed-

Talk about how we really need to shave-

Need to workout-

Need to loose 10 pounds-

Need a new bra-

How do you think this spills over into everything else in your life?

The invitation is this-

just think about it.

Imagine yourself being naked in a group of other sisters that you know or don’t -

What comes up for you?

Where did you learn this?

Would you like to change it? 🌹

-Jaime Black

(photo credit: Jay Kantor


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