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Updated: Jan 6, 2020


The first time I danced with a serpent- I had fear running through me. 🔥

There was so much fear-in anticipation -like a nervousness building inside my body-

That I finally decided just to go for it cause I knew that waiting was not going to make it any better.

Snakes- do bring up our fear- and their medicine is to teach you to how to work with it. 🐍

Fear and Snakes- do go together.

I was recently listening to a podcast discussing a study that showed that human's eyesight developed in the way that it did BECAUSE of snakes.

When we were more tree dwelling- and lived out in nature- We needed to be able to identify the camouflage patterns of a snake- For safety.

The way that I understood it is- The part of our brain that identifies a snake- Is also the part of our brain that makes decisions-out of fear- to keep us safe.

The first time I danced with a snake- I was shaking. 🐍

I had touched a snake before- but have it on my body- just me and the snake- And to dance with it- That was a whole other thing.

I wondered- if it was going to bite me- if I moved in the wrong way... I have to admit.

Well- it didn’t bite me- or anyone else 🙂 🐍

What happened-was intense. 🔥

I was able to work THROUGH my fear- AND at the same time- I felt like it activated sleeping powerful energy inside of my own body.

My arms and hands where it had wrapped around me tingled for hours after. I actually felt high, and euphoric. And activated! 🔥

The second time I danced with a snake- I was clear that I didn’t have a fear of snakes. 🐍

But it still brought up my fear none the less.

This was SO revealing! ✨

The fear that was up- was the same fear that was standing between me and what I want to do in this life! 🔥

I could see it so clearly!

I realized that when the day comes that I can finally move with the snake- with out fear- Is when I have learned to move through that fear in my life!

They teach us- simply in their movement- 🐍

How to move fear that is stuck in our bodies.

WE have hips, and we hold old traumas, stuck energy and fear in there. ✨

If the snakes had hips- they would be moving them- The snake- shows us the way to move our spines- to move the fear and stored trauma-

To massage it- in a way- with movement- and dance. 🐍 __________

Priestesses of the Goddess have always been keepers of serpents. ✨

The serpent is one of the oldest symbols of the feminine- Feminine energy, and sexuality.

And because of that-

The snake has been demonized- along with woman. 🐍

You know the stories.

Eve. Lilith.


I know now that dancing with a Serpent - Is an incredible way- to move through your own fear- AND access the feminine. 🌹

This is one of the main reasons- that I am bringing snakes into our red tent next Friday night. 🐍

It’s a powerful experience. 🔥

There is much more wisdom to be shared on this topic- so I will be interviewing the experts for you.

I will be interviewing Aimée Delphyne Lissantheia who is leading our Serpent Initiation with Jessica Forrest who is a keeper of 8 snakes currently! 🐍

The interviews will be coming soon. (I’ll keep you updated)

I’m considering opening up the Serpent Initiation portion of the Red Tent training for those of you that can not make the whole weekend training. 🐍🔥🐍

It will be held on Friday, Dec 7th, 4-8pm here in Los Angeles.

If you feel called to that— please get in contact with me. 🙏

I’d love to offer this to as many of you as feel called to it.

More to come- Stay tuned 🌹


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