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I hated the term at first.

I wouldn't use it.

I was trying to say I was an "intuitive guide" but that felt like I was leading someone through a psychic journey-

And that wasn't exactly what I was doing.

And then I thought well-

"Spiritual Guide"

Or "Spiritual Life coach

And then I thought that sounded like I worked for the church or something.

(Even though church doesn't have much to do with Spirit- in My experience.)

Coach just made me think of football.

And people who don't know about life coaching-

do think that's what I'm talking about if I tell them I'm a coach.

I know this-

I've been in that conversation with an uber driver.

And then also- everybody's a coach nowadays.

And that's supposed to be a negative thing-but it's not.

I like it.

What I have come to realize is that coach-

Is the "now" term for someone guiding another with their own intuitive knowledge and life skills.

It's someone guiding you more authentically than we have ever allowed happen before.

Yes- yes- study, training, practice - all are required for a coach to be effective and safe-


We are living in this time where people- want to learn from EACH OTHER!

They don't want so much structure and following of the rules and standard programmed sessions.

People don't even trust doctors anymore-

They don't!

Them come and get tarot card readings instead of going to therapy-or the doctor sometimes!

They use essential oils and go to herbalists instead of going to western medicine.

Which is great!

Western medicine is only a piece of the whole anyway-

But people-

They want another PERSON-

A Real person-not a figure-

Someone they trust and identify with-

to HEAR them and SEE them and GUIDE them-

from experience -

and with their own personal gift from the Divine.

People want someone who listened to their intuition-

Who learned from real life-

We are all wanting that.

And so coaching-

It's just human to human support.

Spirit to spirit Connection and Guidance,

someone with a lantern-

helping you light yours.

And we all need somebody different.

And I think it's the thing that I love so much about


It feels like people love each other and trust each other and support each other and honor each other more than I have ever experienced in my life.

And I think it's absolutely beautiful.

So for all of my friends resisting the term-

Just rethink it.

We are creating something different.

And in this paradigm, there is room for all of us.


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