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What to do at Imbolc?

I wanted to say a few more things about Imbolc.

So what is it?

Well- like I was saying, it's the first sprouting.

But what does that mean for us?

We're tired already! We're losing excitement, we just had the longest month ever!

It's the new year, it's 2020, everything we've ever wanted is supposed to be able to happen now!

But oh my goddess we are so tired ALREADY and it's only just February.

Sad things are happening.

People and animals we love are leaving us, or have already left the physical.


This is how I process:

Just be here now. Start right here, just breathe.

We always have the ability to start from where we are and move forward.

Anytime it's a new beginning, we have the opportunity to take stock and assess and then move forward from here.

I have a million things on my plate at once at almost all times.

It's hard for me to slow down, but eventually I'm out of steam.

So I start from here. With a mindful breath from a quiet still place inside.

This gives me a place to settle, and begin again.

What would you like things to be like?

How COULD you CREATE them?

Not how CAN'T you, but how COULD you- if you could?

What would you do?


WE in the city are racing around all the time.

It does not slow down because it is "winter"

Honestly today I felt like,

"OK! WINTER is Over! It's hot again already and here we go!"

I literally put away my comforter.


Remembering that this is the first stirring after the winter slumber.

Go slow.

Something inside of you is beginning to wake up, fresh and optimistic.

Let it.

Light a candle for a new journey.

For your Spirit that has an opportunity for a new cycle.

For a new wish, for a new endeavor.

Light a candle in honor of all that you've been through,

and let THAT be your guide.

Let That be what illuminates this new path in front of you.

Your experience has given you wisdom.

& That wisdom is the light in your lantern.

and If you practice trusting it,

it's the only answer you'll need...


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