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What is and isn't okay to ask in Tarot Reading

Why get a Tarot Reading?

Well- there are so many reasons to get a reading.

Mostly people want information that they don't currently have access to.

People who get readings on the regular, know to do this when they are double checking their intuition, need guidance during a confusing or challenging time, or are just moving so fast into their own future and are on their growth edge, and are ready for what's next.

But So often- people want to get readings about someone else.

They want detailed info about what this other person is thinking, or doing.

They want to ask about this person's new relationships, lovers,

is it going to work out or not?

Are they going to marry this other person.

Does he or she love this other person?


It doesn't matter if this person is your partner, child, sibling, etc.

I was talking about this recently with a colleague- and I was saying Tarot readings nowadays

seem to be a new acceptable form of gossiping about others and peering into others private information.


And if you get a reading with me, it is NOT going to be about someone else.

My guides won't actually give me this type of information.

I had to learn it from them.

And I learned the hard way from using Spirit (like Ouija) boards back in the day-

WHO answers when you ask these lower vibrational energy questions.

If this has been you, in the past, it's fine-

Just think about where your mind is, correct your thinking and get it out of your wounded ego.

We all have the ability to do what we WANT in this lifetime.

The test is what do you CHOSE to do with your Free Will?

There are repercussions for EVERYTHING.

Cause and effect.

And since Law of attraction rules here on this planet,

you WILL reap what you sow.

I am here to be a voice for the things that I know to be true.

And I'm telling you it's not ok.

We all learn in our own time though, it's You who decides what lessons you need to learn in this life by the decisions you make.

I just won't be part that process with you.

-Jaime Black


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