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What is a Red Tent Ceremony?

Updated: Nov 29, 2018


Have you ever been to a Red Tent Ceremony?

Are you interested in leading one yourself because you know that your community needs it but you haven't attended one yet?

This was me 😉

Are you interested in learning how to lead a women's circle?

Have you had the opportunity yet to study the blood mysteries?

Do you honor your blood, your moon cycle?

Do you know how to support your feminine cycle-with food and herbs?

Do you know what magic lies within you?

Do you know that your body is a portal of the divine?

What is interesting about all of this- is that this is NOT NEW information.


These are the Priestess Arts.

This is Womens Wisdom- and we have forgotten.

And we are remembering-all of us.

Women- of ALL of our races and cultures and lineages have known these mysteries since the beginning of time.

Many women all over and coming back to circle together. Coming back to their bodies- reclaiming their power, intuition and innate wisdom.


I am so honored to offer this incredible training here in Los Angeles- and am bringing in teachers I have come across in my own search for wisdom in this area to lead this juicy stirring awakening empowering training with me.

Whether you know me or not-you are invited.

If you can come or not- PLEASE SHARE this for the sisters that are meant to come.

This is for all of us.

There will be drumming, blood mysteries, snake dancing, cacao ceremony, body movement, food, music, ritual, and deep connection.

You don't need to know anyone to join us.

We have all been in circle together before- in one life or another.

We all have a place in the circle.

If you feel called- please reach out.

There is more information here.

-Jaime Black

Artist: Haley Ann-Frances Schott


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