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There are Personal Truths there are Spiritual Truths, Scientific Truths...

All are true.

Truth is also relative.

What's true for you today is not necessarily what was true for you last year or what will be true for you in year from now.

Truth is also the truth regardless of what story one wants to tell about it. You can manipulate it- lie, forget, and what's true will still be true. Spoken or not.

Feelings are true.

Intuition is true.

What really happened, will always be true.

The truth will always surface. show itself.

Truth wants you to know that she likes patience.

She wants you to trust her.

And in return she will always reward you with the information you are seeking.

If you want to know, just ask and wait.

Try practicing listening to it and see what happens.

She might takes years to answer- but she always does.

Also always check in,

What is My truth?

what is true for me right now?

What am I learning?

What am I not acknowledging?

What do I need to take responsibility for?

Where have I been playing small?

Where am I lying? to myself or others?

What do I need to let go of?

My sessions with people are all about discovering what's true.

I put the High Priestess on my altar because she keeps me honest.

If I'm not giving it straight to someone because I'm perceiving the information as harsh or extra challenging for them,

and I'm trying to make it nice,

sure enough she'll show up in the reading-

reminding me of my commitment to her.

To me she is Truth.

It's her other other name.

She is the mirror. Your mirror.

And she doesn't lie.


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