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Struggle= what no longer serves me.

I want to talk to you today about Struggle.

I want to share with you that I understand about struggle.

Struggling is what has made me feel Worthy. Like I am putting all my effort in. Sacrificing myself for the goal. I have identified so hardcore- that the very first thing I experienced in my business was struggle. I thought I was struggling BEFORE I left the slave job. But then at least- I new that someone was cutting me a check.

When I broke free- I didn't realize that struggle was coming with me.

And then- it was struggle 24/7!

I thought "Well- this is different. I'm happy to struggle to be free"

And let me tell you Struggle DOES NOT = Freedom


I have always thought that MONEY=FREEDOM You might think this too. I think those of us who struggle think this.

And it might- in many ways. But MONEY+ Struggle STILL EQUALS Struggle


If you listen to my podcast you know that the word I chose to work with for this year is Wealth. That's where I knew I needed to experience the most healing and growth. SO guess who showed up with front row seats and backstage passes for this lesson ?



Struggle KEEPS us from getting to where we want to go.

Struggle actually KEEPS us from making the money we can be making. From creating more free time.

From living in abundance. From living in Freedom. Cause how can you be FREE regardless of how much money you actually do have, if you are struggling?!

Struggle is a ball and chain. And if you choose it- you have it. Period.

Keep practicing it, Keep subscribing to it, and you just get more of it. You know how that goes.


One of the best things I've learned in my business is that a struggle did not make me more money. That Sacrificing my social life, my sleep, my health, my freedom, did not make me more money. That locking my self in my house- face in front of the computer all day long didn't result in the freedom I was longing for. And fortunately it didn't result in loads of money either. Because of my struggle mentality, I wasn't able to hold on to the money I was pulling in. I didn't believe it could be effortless and without struggle- so I actually blocked myself from receiving what wanted to come in without struggle.


So what I want to share with you is:

If you are wanting to make a change. if you are wanting to create freedom and abundance in your life-

You are going to have to say goodbye to struggling. 💫

It seems impossible, believe me I know. And it feels super weird at first.

But, it's part of it.

So how do you practice?

You are going to have to say Yes to things. Because just saying no- doesn't exactly do the job.

So what can you say yes to??

Things you are scared of. Yes to things for yourself. Yes to that program. Yes to what you think you can't do without struggling, and inside of that- you are going to have to chose to release the struggle over and over and over. 💫 You need something to practice with. Something that stretches you-

You can't figure it out- until you figure it out by trying. you have to be willing to practice over and over again- letting go. Being vulnerable. Struggle has been at your side all the time before. so-you're gonna feel confused without it. Maybe powerless without it. Maybe out of control even.

You’ll want to grip. You’ll WANT to struggle.

But the only way to let it go, is to let go. 🦋

Sound confusing? I get it!!!

Struggle is energetic. It's a decision made in the mind- and has to be released in the mind so that I can be released in the body.

It can require some support.

IF you want some, I am here for that. Message me. 💫

Take a deep breath right now, and choose to let go...✨ Deep breath, choose to let go.. Deep breath, choose to let go... 💫 I believe in you ❤



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