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Sharing as opposed to Preaching

I'm looking forward to the day where we all stop telling each other what to do.

Every time I look at something on FB- everyone is telling everyone else what to do and how they should be doing it.

I've done my share of that,

and I just don't want to be doing that to people anymore.

I mean- it's a tactic. And something we all learn when we are learning how to activate people with our message.

"Don't just be inspiration, you need to Teach your audience- provide value.....and then activate the gap so that they'll hire you."

I actually think inspiration has value.

I think empowering people to believe they can do it themselves is important.

And being supportive is also important.

Something that's been happening for me lately in my conversations with people, is I'm learning where people really need help.

And it's not in me telling them what to do.

It's in me listening to them.

Hearing where they are at, and giving them guidance on their next step.

We all have wisdom for someone.

I believe that.

I think we're at a point, where we all just need guidance on our next step.

We want people to support us, hear us, guide us, but we don't need to be told what to do all the time.

Everyone is talking down to each other from their own mountain tops instead of sharing in the circle.

I think the only people that are motivated by that, are people who also want to be speaking down to others from a mountain top.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be in the circle.

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