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Serve Your Sacred Purpose

Actualize your dreams, by serving your Sacred Purpose. Are you ready for change? 🐍 The 2019 is coming-

Are you ready to create a new life?

Live your dream finally? Awesome!

How are you gonna do it?

I wanna help you. 🙏

I am really inspired to help people, actualize their dreams. I believe the best way- to actualizing your dream-

Is to serve your Sacred Purpose.

You don't know what your Sacred Purpose is?


I am creating a program-

To help you identify just that.

To help you realize- what’s been there- this whole time. Underneath and along with- everything else.

How you can identify it- and you can turn your life- into one that serves it. 🙏 Even build a business to support yourself around it. You’ll find- that your dream- is very linked to your purpose. I’ll explain-Via my story.

I’ve been playing music- since I was in 4th grade. And singing my heart out-even longer than that.

I was naturally good at it.

So of course- that became the “thing” that I was going to do in my life.

I was going to be a professional flutist. Then a singer.

Then- My brother almost died- became paralyzed, which is an ongoing pain point, forever an open wound. ❤️ you are so grateful that the person you love is still with you- and yet- there is so much on going suffering- and that in itself changed my life. Everything I learned because of that situation shaped the person I am today. I learned how to survive trauma.

I learned about emotional pain that takes over your life.

I learned about depression. I learned about family. I learned about hope. Gratitude. purpose. meaning.

I learned about personal growth, being brutally honest with yourself- and about healing.

I learned about people. I learned about recovery. I learned about forgiveness.

I learned that I care about people- more than anything else- And that I have an ability to help them- with all the things I’ve learned.

I learned that I wanted to help people. That I wanted to set up programs to help families in hospitals, I wanted to create ways to raise money for families fresh out of a tragic life altering accident not able to work cause they are in the hospital with their loved ones.

I also learned that I am a natural therapist.

I knew I wanted to be a public speaker, to share my story to help people- when I saw Christopher Reeves speak on stage about his accident and his life.

But I still had many years of healing before I could help anyone more Than just sharing deep conversation.

But all of this- felt very "on purpose" to me.

Fast forward- a few years- one day I started writing songs.

I started performing them and recording them- and that seemed an obvious thing- for me to return to music- and try to make some sort of career out of it.

And so I did-

But it wasn’t enough.

It was my dream yes- but- it wasn’t enough for me, something was missing,

I knew I was supposed to be doing more. 🕯

I wasn’t excited about selling myself for a record label Or Giving up everything in my life to just be on the road- collecting fans.

I didn’t really want everyone watching me “perform” I didn’t feel like I was really helping people,

And so- I didn’t really go for it.

It’s true- I was hiding in fear of being seen- But I also didn’t feel like I was serving my purpose.

I kept searching, I kept studying the other things activated me.

Psychology, tarot, coaching, energy healing, astrology, magic, those things that made me feel like I was accessing my gifts and purpose.

So I could be of greater service.

It was when I started holding circle- using all of these gifts- that I started to realize my music is meant for. Healing, guidance, deep healing, meditation, visualization, remembering.

The more that I have focused on my Sacred Purpose- offering my Sacred message-

The more that music has shown up in my life- with a purpose. ___________

Many of the people that I know are artists and musicians. (I live in LA)

And many of us- have naturally gone into healing- and realized that we have gifts to share in this area- that use the talents we have for that other dream we were chasing. I’m not sayin stop chasing it- I’m saying - that many times- we are focusing on the smaller aspect of our Sacred Purpose. And by really taking a look- we might be able to make change in a bigger more fulfilling way than we were even thinking. And we can create business around our sacred purpose- that supports our life so that we CAN keep following that dream. 🙌 _____

I believe your own business can be holistic. Including all parts of you. And that you don’t have to abandon the dream to have it.

So I’m creating a program- for you to be able to find clarity around your purpose.

So you can start serving it. ______________

If you are struggling with fulfilling your dream- and feel like there is something missing.

-Aren’t exactly sure what your Sacred Purpose is ✨ but you feel really called to be doing something that matters.✨

-Are tired of spending all of your energy working jobs that don’t fulfill you- ✨

and want to create a different way of life where you serve your purpose, and support yourself at the same time. ✨

I am creating something for you

If you connect with this, ✨ if you identify with my story, ✨ feel like this speaks to you, ✨ I’d love to get on a call with you, and talk about how I can serve you with an activating transformational program.

You can apply for a free exploration call here. 🌹


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