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Self Portrait 2019

Self Portrait 2019

This drum changed my life.

My speaking voice is loud but my singing voice is quiet. Or has been anyway.

I always want to sing in magical places. In the forest, in the tower on top the tor. At the spring, at the stones- and my voice always gets lost- in the wind, In the rain. In the vastness of where ever I am.

When I sing into this drum- it’s like I’ve brought my own reverb along.

And so since being united with this drum, I take it everywhere with me.

Now I can sing in any magical place and not only hear my own voice but others can hear me too.

The #framedrum, she is waking women all over the world.

And in more ways than one- just like in my experience.

If you haven’t picked one up yet- let this be your invitation to do so.

There is magick to be done and the two of you need each other to do it!

I’m always here for questions if you have any.

This is my self portrait, from inside the tower at Glastonbury Tor 2019


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