• Jaime Black

Choosing an Empowered Life

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I wanted to share my story with you-

My story of how I ended up where I am right now.

In the past 3 years,

You’ve seen me go from silent to totally visible.

From hiding to Empowered.

From broke and slaving away for someone else’s mission, to having my own business.

And I want to share with you how I got here.

3 years ago today-

I was miserable working in a restaurant that was extremely out of alignment for me.

People were angry,

I had never worked with so many people who hated their job-

And the ironic part was-

We were “selling” love and gratitude

The company specifically hired servers who exuded an air of Love, Gratitude, Health, Happiness, and new age spirituality,

and put us in t-shirts and blue jeans and made money off of using us as their image.

Because they were selling the image- so hard core-

And it wasn’t in line with the way they treated their employees

It was a confusing place to work-

The image and vocabulary being one thing-

Reality being another.

It was a slave job none the less.

The energy out- was not equal to the $ that we pulled in.

Not by a long shot.

I had about 15 minutes of script delivery-

Before I could even take the customers order.

It was draining.

I am a musician-

The entire time that I worked there-

I didn’t play music.

I didn’t write- or record or perform.

This was the same for most of the people I worked with.

Actors, singers, musicians, writers, teachers,

Everyone’s creativity dried up-

Into bitterness and frustration.

One should not have to work 6 days a week to pay their bills and still be broke.

It was not that I had high bills-

It was not that I made little money there-

It was- that I was wasting my energy-

In a place that sucked it dry.

And somehow or another I was always broke.

My intuition was speaking to me.

Telling me to get out of there.

The injustice around me-

How people were being treated-

How angry everyone was-

People around me talked and talked of getting another job.

But no one did-

I starting receiving injuries-

(And I say receiving because I believe it was happening because of the decision I continued to make out of fear -to stay working there)

Stress repetitive injuries-

From opening the door to the patio over and over and over and over-

From standing in my knee joints- my hips,

throwing out my shoulders-my back.

That’s not what my body was meant for.

But still I stayed.

We all did.

It’s so much easier to complain-

Than to make a change and

listen to intuition,

To leap into the unknown.

I was surrounded by so much anger

I finally decided to quit.

I had no idea of where I was going to get the money-

But I had been broke before-

And knew that being broke and being free-

Was gonna be healthier than feeling trapped and angry.

I knew that what I was supposed to be doing something with my gifts-

And it was NOT serving someone else’s pocket book

Or growing someone else’s business I did not support

And if someone was going to be making money off of my image-

Of the values that I represented-

It should at least be me!

I thought-

If I focused on using my gifts, my natural talents, plus all that I’d learned all my years here on earth,

it seems that I would be in the natural flow of things.

It doesn’t make sense that I shouldn’t be able to support myself-

by using my gifts from Spirit.

The very next day- after I quit-

I wrote the first song I had written in years.

That was all the confirmation I needed.

I had started doing readings again-

And I thought- ok. This is a start.

Reading cards was tapping into my intuition-

as well as tapping into my coaching and counseling skills.

So I changed my life.

I quit.

I moved into a new apartment-

I drove down different streets,

And not down any of the old ones.

I broke my habits.