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"Remember when you wanted what you currently have?"

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

🕯Growth, transition, change.

It’s often a slow process.

Sometimes it manifests suddenly, but usually, we’ve been thinking of it, wishing for it, talking about it and lighting candles for it for quite some time.


I complained about being a slave, about being horribly out of alignment serving someone else’s mission. and then I quit my job and took the hard road of not knowing where money was gonna come from, or what I was gonna offer in exchange. ⚡️

It hasn’t been easy.

It’s still a challenge.

But I have my own business


It’s been 3 years.

Hard ones, the first year I gave in and went back to waitressing- but I still worked on the biz.


To remember that I have fought to be where I am now is empowering.

I’m in the business of serving my purpose, Working my magic, and offering my own brand of medicine.

I get up everyday and focus on what I can create next.

I get hired to do my thing-

it’s almost unreal.

This post reminded me.


It’s a nice time to reflect on all that you’ve experienced and accomplished in this past year.

What have you learned?

What can you celebrate?

What can you be grateful for?


I had some really rough spots this year- and now- I can see how important those struggles were in order to arrive at my mindset today- and let me tell you- it took all year!!!. 🔥

We all have our own version of this.


There’s a lot of excitement about the new year.

Don’t forget to acknowledge your past year- to make sure you’ve gathered up all the important nuggets you received that you will absolutely be needing for the next part of your journey.


The vibration is high-the energy feels potent. Honor your struggles!

They put you HERE!! 🔥

I wish you all an exciting NEW ride!


And Blessed be!! 🙏🕯

This photo is created by the Artist: Aya


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