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Purpose and Freedom


It's October!!

About a year ago I started talking to you about your Purpose and about your Freedom.

About how creating a business around your offerings could ultimately lead to your personal and financial FREEDOM.

And better yet- could lead to you making a difference for others in this world!


So let me ask you-

Have you acted on that in this past year?


Did you just think about it, and decide you weren't ready ?

IF this is you- there's nothing wrong with it,

We all have our own timing-

But let me ask you,

How different are things now?

Are they:

1. The exact same. And you've let another year go by without taking action?


2. You actually took some baby steps or even big steps towards changing your life, and NOW you are ready?


For those of you who this message is for,


It's time.

I'm going to be running my program again,

and I hear that some of you are ready.

Create a Foundation for Your Spiritual Business

Create a life that you LOVE Living.

Make a difference in this world, serving up your Medicine as your way of life- not a hobby.

If this is You-

follow the link in the comments and grab one of these open coaching sessions. it's Free. it's Safe.

It's up to you if you are ready to take the next step.

I'm just offering you the opportunity.

And my support.

We can't change the past, but we CAN


I looking forward to speaking with you


Jaime Black



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