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Priestess-as a term.

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I wanted to speak to the term Priestess and to how you may or may not identify with it. 🌹 I was communicating with a sister the other day and this topic came up.

Even though she is one of the women I had in mind when I decided to offer a Red Tent Priestess Activation here in LA-

Because she doesn’t identify with the term Priestess as I do-

She felt as though she might be out of place at the event and has resistance to coming. 🌹

So this is what I want to say to you.

PRIESTESS is a term. 🌹 They were real people, and ARE real people still, But first-


What happened to the Priestesses


WITCH is also a term 🌹 Also another one that I identify with-

But also, a term.

What happened to the Witches-

That is also WOMEN'S HISTORY. 🌹

What happened to all of the WITCHES=WOMEN ?

10 million of them MURDERED by the church in the witch trials all over the world spanning over a hundred year period of time. 🕯

We don’t hear about this so often.

It seems to NOT be common knowledge-

hmm- I wonder WHY!?

But whether or NOT you connect with all the "witchy" stuff of todays age- crystals, candle magic, tarot cards, clothing,

Please remember that has NOTHING to do with all the women that were murdered.

They we're murdered because they were women 🌹 And men of the church wanted to control them.

They were women. 🌹

SOME of them were healers.

Maybe just good with herbs.

Maybe just knew how to cure a babe from dying of an illness-

Maybe she was just women her husband wanted to get rid of.

What about the native women? 🕯

Of ANY land that was taken over by another race, or tribe, or religion?

ALL RAPED, Beaten, their children stolen from them. 🕯

Do you know that the missionaries here in California would sneak into native camps at night- and steal their children as a way of force converting the parents and tribe into Christianity. But really- into slavery? 🕯

WE were all of these women. 🌹 WE ARE all of the Women 🌹 These are OUR BLOOD LINES 🌹 And it is up to us- to heal all of this. 🙏 _______________________________

In the Red Tent,

We are healing our wounds from these brutal pasts. Where we were shamed for bleeding- Told that our periods were a curse- That our sexuality was a sin. 🕯

We were turned on and over-powered because we were WOMEN and forced to turn on each other for our own safety and our children's safety . 🕯

We were taken away from each other- From our circles. From our connection. From our power- Form ourselves.

For so long that we FORGOT. 🌹

The Red Tent experience that I am offering,

Is for Womens Empowerment. ✨


The Training, Is in listening to your own INNER VOICE 🙏

In leading a circle- so that you may offer this to the women in your life should you feel called. 🌹



IN WOMB WISDOM Learn how to eat- to support your feminine cycle- Whether you still bleed or have a womb- or not. 🌹

I have invited women- that I personally love , connect with an am inspired and activated by, who happen to identify with the Priestess Path 🌹

Laura Carmody Graell Corsini Aimée Delphyne Lissantheia Allie McFee Jessica Forrest

which means:

They have awakened to their ability to lead, guide, inspire, and heal, 🌹

-To come share their own journeys with us.

Because we are ALL SO different! 🌹

I walk a very different path than my sisters- Which is why I am bringing such a variety for you- So that you can see- That it is not only one way of being that makes you a Priestess- 🌹

Being a Priestess to me- Is honoring SHE that is inside of me. 🌹

And leading other sisters around me to do the same.

This is not an exclusive training for only women who know about Avalon-

This is for ALL Women 🌹

Because we ALL need healing. 🕯

We ALL need to listen to our own inner voice-

And the more that we experience other women doing the same-

The more we are encouraged and supported to do it too. 🌹 ________________________________________________

Most of the experiences and ceremonies offered in the Red Tent-

Are experiential and for healing. 🕯

There is nothing that you need to already know- And there is nothing that you need to do.

I only ask that you come take your seat in the circle 🌹

Because - we all are here to learn from you as much as your are here to learn from us. And this happens, simply from being together in circle. 🌹

Come experience sisterhood- in it’s truest form.

Come 🙏 let's remember together.

Remember who you are, Remember who you were, and who you are meant to become . 🌹

For more info-

please visit 🌹

I am happy to get on the phone with any of you who have questions, concerns, or want to set up a payment plan. 🌹

Jaime Black

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(image credit: Freydoon Rassaouli)