• Jaime Black

Overcoming Scarcity Mentality

I wanna tell you what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been facing down my scarcity complex.

For years I complained about money.

About not having enough money.

About not making enough money.

It was my job’s fault.

It was the type of work I was doing’s fault.

(I was a waitress)

It was the station I was working

The weather,

The time of year.

The particular manager on duty- etc.

I never felt in control.

And of course I was taking in the blame too.

I wasn’t good enough obviously- because something different would’ve happened by now.

It’s not like I hadn’t tried-

But then- I was broke remember?

It was money’s fault!

I was on my mental self sabotage wheel.

Proving to myself over and over that I wasn’t going to be able to do anymore than I was doing-

Basically because I didn’t have enough money.

In someways it took me off the hook.

I was no longer responsible.

If I couldn’t make enough-

then I could never record the albums-

go on tour-

record music videos-

get my name out there-

build my business etc etc.

If I could swallow the idea that this was as good as it gets -

or that I didn’t deserve more


I didn’t have to face my FEAR of failing.

I told myself things like

“if it was meant to happen it already would have.”

“Maybe spirit has a different plan for me.”

“It’s not spiritual to have money anyway”

And- “Money is Evil”

Sound familiar?

I told myself - I don’t NEED anymore than this.

I’m not superficial - I don’t NEED stuff.

I don’t need clothes- I wear the same thing everyday anyway.

I don’t need I car- I can walk.

At times I didn’t even have a car!

and I definitely didn’t have a computer or iPhone until YEARS after all y’all did.

My life was scarcity- a living example of my belief system.

You guys remember!

But I was a happy person!

I knew how to find the light in things.

I was grateful for my life.

I could be happy living in a little studio apartment with my cats forever.

Playing local shows.

Living on Ice blended coffee-

I could walk- my brother couldn’t.

How could I ask for more? ✨

As humble as that might seem-I realize now-that ALSO-

I was scared and I was hiding.

Scarcity complex keeps us scared.

We don't realize we are doing it but we use scarcity complex as an excuse to help us to feel safe.

It's a painful one- but an excuse all the same.

Scarcity complex is a huge EXCUSE to NOT.

To NOT face your fear-

To NOT be seen

To NOT challenge yourself-

To NOT put yourself out there