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Overcoming Scarcity Mentality

I wanna tell you what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been facing down my scarcity complex.

For years I complained about money.

About not having enough money.

About not making enough money.

It was my job’s fault.

It was the type of work I was doing’s fault.

(I was a waitress)

It was the station I was working

The weather,

The time of year.

The particular manager on duty- etc.

I never felt in control.

And of course I was taking in the blame too.

I wasn’t good enough obviously- because something different would’ve happened by now.

It’s not like I hadn’t tried-

But then- I was broke remember?

It was money’s fault!

I was on my mental self sabotage wheel.

Proving to myself over and over that I wasn’t going to be able to do anymore than I was doing-

Basically because I didn’t have enough money.

In someways it took me off the hook.

I was no longer responsible.

If I couldn’t make enough-

then I could never record the albums-

go on tour-

record music videos-

get my name out there-

build my business etc etc.

If I could swallow the idea that this was as good as it gets -

or that I didn’t deserve more


I didn’t have to face my FEAR of failing.

I told myself things like

“if it was meant to happen it already would have.”

“Maybe spirit has a different plan for me.”

“It’s not spiritual to have money anyway”

And- “Money is Evil”

Sound familiar?

I told myself - I don’t NEED anymore than this.

I’m not superficial - I don’t NEED stuff.

I don’t need clothes- I wear the same thing everyday anyway.

I don’t need I car- I can walk.

At times I didn’t even have a car!

and I definitely didn’t have a computer or iPhone until YEARS after all y’all did.

My life was scarcity- a living example of my belief system.

You guys remember!

But I was a happy person!

I knew how to find the light in things.

I was grateful for my life.

I could be happy living in a little studio apartment with my cats forever.

Playing local shows.

Living on Ice blended coffee-

I could walk- my brother couldn’t.

How could I ask for more? ✨

As humble as that might seem-I realize now-that ALSO-

I was scared and I was hiding.

Scarcity complex keeps us scared.

We don't realize we are doing it but we use scarcity complex as an excuse to help us to feel safe.

It's a painful one- but an excuse all the same.

Scarcity complex is a huge EXCUSE to NOT.

To NOT face your fear-

To NOT be seen

To NOT challenge yourself-

To NOT put yourself out there

That way-

you won’t fail,

or be judged-

You won’t succeed either.

But that’s a small price to pay for

the excuse to stay small, to hide.

And to SUFFER.



In order to serve our purpose- we have to expand.

At the very least outside of our walls of fear that keep us hidden.

We are living in a time where we ALL need to be seen and to see each other!

And those of us- who are artists, leaders, teachers, are meant to EXPRESS

And That’s a lot like expand- ✨

Not hide.


How many of you have been taught

Money is evil?

And let me ask you- how is this serving you!?

What IS money?

It’s just paper. a representative of energy exchange.

We CAN change the outdated concepts and uses for money!

But we have to FREE OURSELVES of scarcity complex to do that!

We are living in an age of abundance!

We ALL have ACCESS to this energy.

And yes- we are not all starting in the same place.

There are people starving in another country-

But you playing small is not going to help them or change that-

Wanna change that?

Consider stepping into your Purpose-

Claiming your mission-

Commit to breaking the chains of scarcity complex so you can create on a HUGE LEVEL

and create some change for those starving people if that is your mission!



I’m sharing for those of you who are in the same place I was. So you can Self identify. It’s the first step.

Step 2. GET YOURSELF INTO SOME KIND OF PROGRAM where you are FACING YOUR FEARS in a constructive way!

Step 3. GET CLEAR ON WHAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU-cause that is DIRECTLY related to your purpose. Why are you here? What’s your Purpose? What's Your Part?

and What's Your Mission?

Step 4. TAKE ACTION. Small steps lead to bigger ones.

And you will fear LESS with each step.




Jaime Black

(photo credit: Jay Kantor)


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