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How to get back into alignment after a break up.


I have a few friends experiencing breaking ups right now-

and so I had this come through.

Relationships are not something I speak about-

but self empowerment IS..

I believe that break-ups happen when we need to focus back on the self. How ever hard and painful they might be.

Lots of unions are falling out of alignment right now-for our highest good, because of all of the shifting energies, codes being downloaded, and up-leveling in our personal energetic fields.

And so there is the opportunity to return to the self.

Because there is a requirement-

to be in alignment with ourselves and our purpose right now more than ever.

When you break up-

You get to return to yourself.

You get to re-discover your path.

And re-evaluate everything-your direction your choices, your desires and your goals.

and it can be powerful.

Especially if you choose it to be.

So this is a list of the things that I do-

To help you get back into alignment with yourself if this is you right now

1. Get up in the morning-and make a list of all of the things that you love about yourself. Write them everyday.

"My favorite things about myself are......"

"I love myself because...." "I love that I am....." "I love that I..."

2. Make a list of your favorite things to do. Things that you LOVE to do- and do them. Do at least one each day.

3. Take yourself on a date. Just you-Specifically to honor and celebrate yourself. it can be simple for example: for Coffee, hiking, shopping.

4. Buy yourself something new- that represents this return to yourself. Jewelry is good for this- but It can be anything.

5. Go to the spa. All day. Cleanse. Release. Renew.

6. Go get a healing- allow the broken parts of you to be healed.

7. Go to yoga- sweat and do savasana. a lot.

8. Write down all of the things you are letting go of on a piece of paper. Write down the ways that those things have served you- thank them, and then release them by burning it.

9. Go dancing.

10. Do a serious meditation- ask your guides what you need to know for the next step of your journey and then pull cards. Write down all of the messages.

(I recommend doing this on your own- NOT going and getting reading from someone else. The reading from someone else can come later- if you want but only AFTER you have processed and let go. If you come to me to get a reading in this state- the cards will tell you to do much of the same - and it's shifts the focus away from the self-and we are focusing on self -empowerment here)

11. Write down a list of new intentions, desires, and goals moving forward.

12. Place those intentions underneath a brand new candle- Light that candle as you speak your intentions out loud to the flame. Sit in front of your candle everyday- speak your intentions out loud and visualize them.

Love your self

& REPEAT as many times as necessary.

It's hard at first-

but that's part of the process too.

Sending love




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