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Honoring my Truth and Accepting Myself

I think refining my-self has been about honoring my truth.

And Accepting myself.

and this has been the key for me-

whether other people like it or Not.


I think it's more important to be honest, than to be liked.

I've always felt that way, and expressed that so much more in my younger firey days when I had nothing to lose.


But then I became a yogi.

A healer, a coach.

and I felt like I needed to soften my edges.

I want people to feel safe with me.

I want them to feel that I don't judge them because I don't.

Because as much as I have opinions for my own life and path-

I want everyone else to have that freedom as well.


But how am I offering this to others if I don't allow it for myself?

And so I have experienced the fear of being perceived as harsh, intense, opinionated, and felt that I'm not aloud to be my full authentic self.

(self imposed ideas of course)

But something I've also realized is that the people who know me and trust me, do so because they know these parts of me.

Because they know my strong boundaries and opinions.

And they know I'm honest.


I've gotten very clear and responsible about where I spend my time and energy and who I spend it with and who and where I don't

This actually creates the trust I do have in my life, and today I am reminded of that.

We are who we are for a REASON.

And that includes all of your ways of being.

And the Reason- may just be for your own Personal Growth. 💫


Today on my birthday- I feel the responsibility to be Myself, in full honesty and self expression, all the time.

I can't care if everybody likes me-

I'm not gonna get anything done that way!!!


You are not going to be everybody's cup of tea.

But you do have to at least be Yours!🦇

Honored to be here and of service.

Serving up my own truth as often as possible 🙏🔥

Blessed be!


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