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Happy 1st New Moon of 2020

It’s the new moon. In Aquarius!

It’s the Lunar New Year.

It’s magically intense right now.

Time is moving faster.

Things are manifesting faster.

We’ve always been talking about this, and it’s actually here.

What are you creating this year?

What Life are you creating for yourself. Starting now.

Who are you?

What did you come here for?

If you don’t know- it’s okay.

Now is the time to ask, and be open for change.

Different requires change.

More, requires change.

Let go of what you no longer need to hold on to, so you are free to reach for something new.

I wish you all a magical new moon.

Aquarius in the inventor.

Be like Aquarius at this new moon.

Invent something that matters to you.

Bright blessings


Jaime Black

📷 @adampetrishin


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