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Getting Sick = Spiritual Detox

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I have had a new revelation since my last post!


and because I can't sleep since Spirit woke me up-

I have gotten clear that:

There are reasons for us getting "sick" !


Not just that our immune system was not at it's strongest-

but that there are

there are messages to be received that only come in this state.

There are "things" being processed, released,


We feel energy as it’s going in- why would've we feel energy as we process it out!?


We are in a time of huge change, transformation and reorientation-

so many of us are "sick" right now.

We just had 2 major eclipses-

major downloads are happening constantly,

and so perhaps- we are detoxing!


For me there is a message of needing to create flow and trust in my process of growing my business.


But I am also transforming.

I've been letting go of old ways of believing and operating.

Digging up old limiting belief systems I didn't even know were at play-

and releasing them!


I have freed up so much of my life-force energy that was wrapped up in shadow- and had it all flood back into my system full force!


And as exciting as it has been- it's also a lot on my system!



I've gotten clear of where I've been out of alignment with a big project in my life- and not only has it been draining energy- but I've been taking in negative energy at the same time.

because I chose to have that door open for the wrong reasons.


This is happening to all of us!

So I just wanted to share for those of you who resonate.


I recommend some journaling- about what is coming through for you- if you've been "sick" or down.

I'll share this gem I heard from someone recently- I can't remember who-

But instead of asking

WHY is this happen To ME?

Instead ask

WHY is this happening FOR ME? ✨

then see what comes! 😉


Sending love!!

❤ Jaime


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