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Female Empowerment

I think the thing for me about the term Priestess is that it's Empowerment.

Personal, Feminine, Empowerment.


Here's a story..

I was raised by a man- who taught me to never let anyone tell me that I couldn't do something because I was a girl.

I was the first child.

So my Dad just started in on me like I was the first born son.

I got all of the good stuff.


All of the coaching

The empowerment

The motivation

The boosting of my confidence- constantly

The "You can do anything you set your mind to"

Because you are my child.

and you are strong

You are smart and talented and bright and beautiful

And you can do anything that the boys can do.


He taught me to listen to my own inner voice

To not let anyone else decide for me

To trust myself-

Cause I had to go to sleep with and wake up with myself everyday

And that I was the one who had to be my own best friend and I was the one who needed to believe in myself-

Cause at the end of the day- it was me.

All of this proved to be Awesome for me!

and very difficult for him during my teenage years when I had my own opinions and different ways of doing things than him 🤭

But he empowered me.


And when he put my brother in martial arts training- and I wanted IN!

Once I saw what he and my brother were doing I wanted in and nothing more to do with ballet from that moment on.

I wanted to be fighting just like the boys!

Just like he told me I could!

And so I did!

And he believed in me.

He taught me-

to listen to my inner knowing.

To listen to my senses-so I could sense danger.

He taught me

To be aware-

Of my surroundings-

And of my intuition- so I could protect myself if I needed to.

He empowered me- do learn these things.

To believe that I COULD-

Regardless of being a girl.


I'm so much like him.

And so my mission- naturally has always been-

To empower the people around me.

Kick harder, run faster, yell louder, speak up for yourself,

do it anyway even if people tell you you can't.

Do it anyway, even if you think you can't.

Specifically with my female friends.

I used to think it was my job to protect them-

Physically- because I was a fighter.

I would circle around them when we went to night clubs-

forcing all the creepy old dudes to back away-

But then as we became adults-

I wanted them to be strong too,

I took my girlfriends to workout with me,

to kickboxing with me-

But then as we became adults-

I wanted them to be strong,

In their relationships

To stick up for themselves

To be independent

The Priestess aspect

Is newer because now I've chosen to own my role as Priestess in this world.

And it is in owning my purpose,

my own teachings,

And in sharing with others-

To teach them, to hold circle for them-

To hold container for them.

To grown in-

To be strong in,

To fall apart in,

To claim their own voice in.

That I find purpose.


And that piece about owning the Priestess inside of you-

It's like owning your voice.

Holding space for your self-

Your intuition

Your inner knowing-

Cause She is the one that will guide you

Protect you

and support you.

And once she feels strong enough-

She will stand in her own power and serve her mission too.


And this is my mission.

To empower others to serve their mission.

So yeah-

Honoring your inner Priestess-

is empowerment.

Find her.

Allow her to awaken.

There's power in it.



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