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FEAR is one of our Teachers

Fear is one of our teachers. It is a messenger.

Acknowledging fear for how it serves us is a different action than identifying with it.

And this is our choice.

When Fear is present we can FEEL afraid. But it's just a feeling.

Just like we feel cold or hunger.

The feeling is simply showing us there is something that needs our attention.

And there are definitely some actions we can to take.

Move the body. Don't let energy get stuck by holding it.

Breathe. Intentionally do some deep breathing. Take in more air and move out the air that is presently inside.

Go on walk.

Use sound therapy and clearing. Move sound through your body with your voice. Sing, scream, chant, ohm.

Go to a sound bath.

Take actions directly related to the fear.

Do you need to have a conversation?

Do you need to just make a decision?

Do you need to complete a task that you keep resisting creating more anxiety and allowing fear to build?

Journal about the fear. Write down all of the things that are causing this feeling and ask what needs to be done about it.

Sometimes it is more serious and you do need to go get professional help. Do it.

The point is to move through it.

We don't have to be afraid of Fear.

It's just another one of our teachers.

Need help moving through something?

Send me a PM, You don't have to go through it alone.



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