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FEAR is a Gateway

We had a really POWERFUL moon circle tonight.


We talked about Taurus and the energy of holding on

vs Scorpio and the energy of letting go.

With this lunation, we have both of those energies happening at the same time.

Through the Harvest Season, we have been looking at-

what we are HARVESTING ✨


what we are LETTING GO OF ✨


So I asked the question-

“what are you ready to let go of,


“what have you been able to harvest BECAUSE OF IT?”

So I wrote down what I am letting go of-

And I realized that WHAT I am now ready to let go of-

IS EXACTLY what I NEEDED to get me to where I am now.

Fear. ✨

Resistance. ✨

Scarcity Complex. ✨

If I could stand back and see them now-

I would see that they stood as


Showing Me the direction to walk TOWARDS…and through…

NOT turn away from- and avoid.

Have you seen The Never Ending Story?


Remember the part when Atreyu has to pass through the Gate- which is a mirror?

He has to face HIMSELF- and walk INTO his own reflection.

And it was said to be the most terrifying of all of the gates he would have to pass.

So what if facing Fear

IS to face OUR SELVES?

What IF- when we recognized Fear-

It was a signal of which direction to walk TOWARDS?


Tell me-have you experienced this?✨


For those of you who are READY-


And are ready to accept some help,

you know where to find me:

-Jaime Black

(I'd love to credit the creator of this amazing image! If you have any information about this artist please send me a message here:



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