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Do NOT LEAVE your people ALONE in the HOSPITAL

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Do NOT LEAVE your people ALONE in the HOSPITAL. Not everyone knows to think about this.

And unless you’ve spent a bunch of time in the hospital- Why would you? I’ve spent LOTS of time in the hospital - Lived in there with my brother. For months. And let me tell you-

You should NEVER leave people alone in the hospital.

Never. 🙏

When someone goes to the hospital- They are usually out of it.

Either sick, or in pain- Physically or mentally.

It’s hard to make decisions- let alone just give basic info to the staff.

And then there are the Drugs. FEAR Embarrassment. Guilt. (for landing themselves there Or that you are waiting there with them) Worry. (about what’s happening to them. Or that they can’t afford it)

Really this list can go on and on.

Just being in the hospital puts people in such a weak state of mind. 💔

They feel small, broken, weak, sick. 😷

Stay with your people. 🙏

No one else will ever care for your people the way that you do. ❤️

This is extreme- but my brother would have DIED- if we left him ALONE under the care of the nurses and Dr.s in the hospital. More than 5 times. Probably more than 10. Not exaggerating. 🌹

My comment is not on the Dr.s hospitals and nurses- I’m not even going there.

My message is just for You. 🌹

Stay with your people. So they’re not alone.

Stay awake-

Pay attention

Ask questions Protect them.

So they can sleep safely. So they have an advocate. So they have a witness. So they know they are cared for.

And so something f*cked up doesn’t happen to them. Seriously.


Jaime Black


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