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Be The Light

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Being the Light. I want to be a light for you- So that you know that you are not alone 🕯

So many times- we forget that WE ARE the LIGHT Because when we look out- all we see is darkness. People hide their light. They're too afraid to shine. But they are lights too- Just hidden-

This is why I believe that we all need to work on ourselves.

Hone our skills.✨ Refine our magic- and our message.✨

It gives us confidence.

SO that WE CAN BE A LIGHT- for others. -for the people that we care about the most-

And for the people that we don’t even know. -But are meant to be a light for. 🕯

I believe We are all here- for each other.

To be teachers, ✨ Activators, ✨ Guides, ✨ Examples,✨ Lessons,✨ Sign posts!✨

To lead the way -to help others remember who they are- Just as others remind us who we are.

I know who I am because of the others- I have been there for. _____

We all want to have a purpose. We all want to be remembered.

The way that you do this- Is to WORK ON YOURSELF!

So YES- I think you need to take that class, That course, That program, You will grow and change, In the process.

And LEARN-even more about YOURSELF.

There is always something to learn- Always someone to learn from

Even if you are learning - that you disagree! 🌹

Sounds like a weird thing to say-

But many times- I have gotten really clear on my truth- From hearing someone’s expert opinion- that I disagree with.

I learn from my teachers at first, by being drawn to them- Resonating with what they are offering-

And then many times- More times than not-

Disagreeing at some point.

It has helped refine me, my beliefs, and my message, Each time.

If you find yourself stuck- And you are wanting to create change,

Get yourself into a class- and work on something.


Years ago- I was experiencing total mental and emotional block. 💔 I couldn’t write songs- this went on for years.

After helping someone dear to me through some really heavy scary stuff I decided to go back to school to study Psychology so I could start helping people with my gift in a more professional way. 🙏

That got my energy moving so quickly from a completely different place in my body- From all the mental stimulation- It was exciting! - for a short time- Until I realized that being back in JR collage- Was NOT the way for me.

I had strong resistance- 🔥 I felt stuck and trapped and hated the fluorescent lighting we were being bathed in. (Or whatever those horrible lights are that buzz and give you migraines)

So I broke out- 🔥 And went back to my magical studies.

It had been years since I had a teacher so I went looking for any kind of class that I could find. Just hoping to be moved. First, I found some really bad ones-

And I finally- I found some INCREDIBLE ones.

(and this only happened because I went out in search of classes in the first place) 🕯

Soon I found my energy shifting, My mind expanding, My knowledge growing- And my life changing.

That journey- has everything to do with where I am Now- 🔥

My personal evolution, Owning my own business, Speaking my truth,

Serving my Sacred Purpose. 🔥

Some of you have been sharing that you have been very activated by what I have been sharing with you.

What if I wasn't doing that? 🕯 ___________

I want to encourage you to invest in yourself. 🔥

Money sitting in the bank- Is not helping you grow.

Nor is money being spent on clothes and drinks and stuff.

I am someone who takes everything I have- and invests it in my growth. 🔥

And yeah- That has made me the person that can’t afford to go out to eat many times-

And who doesn’t have an extensive wardrobe-

But it’s been worth the trade.

I do probably spend about $3000-$10,000 a year on education.

And-surviving off eating pizza and shopping at the 99 store! 🔥

That was me 2 years ago When I was starting my business!

My reason for sharing this part- Is that-

We all feel like we don’t have money to invest on ourselves. Especially when we feel broke- or ARE broke! But- most all of us have cell phones, Tvs, cars, clothes, and go out to eat and out for drinks. We pay for cable, Netflix, we buy stuff online-

I had to give up all of that stuff. 🌹

(Yes I had a cell phone-and a car- but I have shared before that many times I have not.)

I am the person that wanted to go on tour- so I put all my stuff in storage and sold my car- and just went. 🔥 Having no idea what was going to happen later on!

I believe in taking the leap. 🔥

I believe investing in yourself.🔥

I believe in facing your fear. 🔥

If you are someone who feels called to serve, lead, to have your own business,

You are going to have to chose your growth- over all that other stuff. 🔥

It ALWAYS worth the money.

It is ALWAYS worth the time

And It is ALWAYS worth the risk-

Because you will shine BRIGHTER. 🔥 _____________

Think about the flame of a candle, 🕯

Have you ever sat in-front of one- And focused your energy on it?

What happens?

It grows right?! 🔥

This is what happens- when you focus your energy on yourself! 🔥

Your time, your money, your intentions=


Brighter! 🔥

So yes-


Cause another one of us- is in the dark right now- looking for one.


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