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Allow Yourself to Change

Allow yourself to change.

Cause guess what? if You don't

nobody else will....


I have a hard time with myself sometimes.

Sometimes it's my own journey with myself,

and sometimes it's cause I can feel others-and their opinions.


Our journey with ourselves is hard enough, we can't also be taking on others' opinions of us.


The best we can do is be honest. Grow, evolve.

Do better. Forgive and accept- yes- ourselves.


THIS- is how we change.


When we hold someone prisoner to the way that they once behaved- how can we expect them to change?


Same goes for how we view ourselves.

Some people won't like it-

You forgiving yourself.

You being okay with yourself.

But how can we heal, if we beat ourselves up all the time?



Our first responsibility is ourselves-

save those of you with children- BUT- they do say

put the mask on yourself first- so that you CAN help others.

I give you permission to forgive yourself, and I give you permission to change.

(Sometimes all we need is to just hear it)

It's okay....

We are all growing together.


📷 Adam Petrishin


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