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4 Pillars to Creating Your Spiritual Business

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Hello friends!

it’s Thursday night.

What are you up to? Out with friends?

dinner? drinks?

Or- at home watching a screen- blurring out your day?

Well I’m at home- workin on my business cause you know what?

I don’t want to work for anyone else anymore.

I’m tired of being broke and tired and beat up from working some job that has nothing to do with my calling… I want to be serving my purpose- I want to be free to follow my intuition to grow and challenge myself. Lead retreats, travel, hold Womens circles, record albums, go to yoga anytime of day! 🙌 Sound familiar? You too right? Do you hear your intuition screaming at you?

Know you have something so valuable to offer but you’re scared to leave your slave job? That was me too-for years!



Want to break the chains?! 🙌

Want to build your own business too? 🙌

Create an entirely different style of existence for yourself? I’m telling you- it’s worth it!!!!! 🌹

From my personal experience, these are what I believe to be

4 Pillars to Creating your Spiritual Business.

1. Be Willing To Leap

Nothing is going to happen until you make this decision. You literally have to leap into the unknown. Jump into the pool. This new life- is SO different from the one you are living right now. It won’t work if you just dip your toe in. Not if you want it to support you. You know that quote from The Artists Way- “Leap and the Net Will Appear” that is this! You have to choose it! You have to listen to your intuition. You have to trust it! You have to trust you! Often times this is the hardest part. Because in order for the universe to respond- you have to have a "no excuses, no turning back" approach.

2. Be Willing to Be Seen.

You have to be willing to tell people what you do and be seen in a new way. (It's HARD!-but only at first) Not only do you have to label yourself- so that people know WHAT you are offering- you have to name your business! You have to name it, buy it, create all the social media sites for it. Make your mission statement- and own it! This part is super exciting- but can also be very confronting for some. A lot of our self judgement and self worth issues come up here.

3. BE the Future You-NOW

Operate As IF-starting now. As soon as you take the leap. This is a powerful manifestation tool! Book your schedule full of clients! In the beginning-sometimes- it’s all of your friends. You are doing trade, you are collecting testimonials- but book your schedule as full as possible just the way that you want your schedule to be booked. And watch what happens. If you create the container for it- the business will show up

4. Charge for Your Work

This can happen at any time- but it’s often the final piece. And- is ALSO one of the hardest parts. This makes our business real. Most of us have a lot of work to do around charging for our offerings. Our self worth really comes into play here. So- this is a BIG step. When we have another job supporting us-we can give all of our services/products away for free. Whatever they may be. I can't tell you how many CDS I've given out for free over the years- Probably to most of you!! 🙂 But a business can't survive that way. And neither can you if you are going to survive off of your business.

------------------------------------------------------------- Some of these are extremely challenging-I'm gonna be honest with you. But it's DO-able. And I had to face all of this stuff too! And still do! You get to challenge yourself, and grow in the process. 🙌🙌🙌

Think of it as Alchemy.✨

It is all part of the transformation you need to become the Queen that sits on the Throne of her business. To nurture and serve her calling. The Queen of Pentacles-

She OWNES her own business. She's HER OWN BOSS.


And therefor can make her own decisions in regards to HOW her life goes.

And-she can take care of herself.


Wanna build your business?

I can help you with that :)

apply for a free strategy call with me here:

-Jaime Black


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