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You don't have to go through the Struggle Alone

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Are you struggling?

Stuck in your slave job-

like hamster on a wheel-

Knowing you have so much more to offer but just don't know how to make it happen?

This was me. For YEARS.

Exhausted and drained-

You work so hard at your job-

Trying to find fulfillment in it-

But at the end of the day-

You are not fulfilled.

You are tired

And you have guilt.

This guilt that you are letting yourself down,

and never going to make your dream happen.

You're never going to be known for who your really are-

and maybe you tell yourself-

I'm not like her-

I don't have what it takes to do what She does,

or what HE does-

Maybe I'm just not good enough,

Maybe it's not meant to be-

otherwise it would be easier.

It would be happening already

This was ME-


I'm here to tell you-

Those are lies.

Lies to make yourself feel better-

but they don't make you feel better do they?

because it's not the truth.

Cause deep down-

You know you are good enough.

You KNOW you have something to offer.

And you KNOW you deserve to live a life -

Living your dream!

DO you know what happens if you don't make the decision to change things?


Nothing changes.

Things stay the same.

Sorry- but it's true.

I know from experience.

I used to watch other people living my dream-

and every year I would say-

Okay next year.

When I turn 27.

Okay before I turn 28.

Okay before I'm 30

Okay next paycheck-

Okay when I get my tax return-

Well-For sure by the time I'm 50 I'll for sure be doing it-

I’ll just wait til I’m ready and if it's meant to be it'll happen.

People- this is like waiting to be discovered out of a crowd and made famous-

If YOU don't make the decision-

NOW- in the moment-


And it's always going to have to be NOW.

It's never going to feel easier- better- more comfortable.

I'm sorry to tell you-

But that's the truth.

I'm also here to tell you-

You don't have to do it alone-

You can get some help.

And my biggest advice for how to find the right help?

Go for the person who INSPIRES you.

Who Speaks to YOU.

Who is doing-

What YOU Want to be doing.

That's who has the information you need.

Find the one who is inspiring you-

and reach out.


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