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Should People Charge for their Healing Work

Should people charge for healing work?

Well- what is considered healing now days?

Back in the day-if you hurt yourself, you had an ailment- you would pay a visit to the healer in the tribe.

Or-in later years, the local doctor.

Someone who held the knowledge of herbs and foods to heal you physically so to that you could return to normal.

And certainly they knew something about energy.


Well what about therapists?

Are they healers?

And what about coaches?

What about writers?

How many times have you read something-that actually Healed something in you?

And what about music, is that not that healing?

If music is specifically healing-should it be for free then? _____________________

So what IS healing?

Today we talk about healing in so many different ways.

People need to heal wounds from the past. From their ancestors. Emotional wounds. Limiting beliefs, Emotional trauma, Scarcity consciousness -all of that needs to be healed.

It needs to be looked at, Inquired about. When did this happen? How did it happen? How is it affecting you?

We CAN heal ourselves- but most of the time, we need ANOTHER. Someone else that can give us some advice, on how to heal. and a prescription of treatment.


Sometimes you just need to breath. Sometimes you need a massage, Sometimes you need to practice yoga Sometimes you just need to hear music.

Sometimes all you need is to been seen and heard and acknowledged. And loved.

Is this not helping each other? These services can all be looked at as healing.

What if we call it helping? Is it not the same thing?


When we experience relief, growth and freedom from human to human help- is it not the most important thing?

And do we have a problem offering energetic exchange for these services?

Of course we don't!

So why are we so afraid to offer our services to others for the same type of energetic exchange?

Your doctor charges you for helping you doesn't she?

And your therapist charges you for helping you.

And your acupuncturist.

And your yoga teacher,

And your coach,

And the author of the self help book that just changed your life.

So it's NOT REALLY about having a problem with energy exchange is it?

Maybe it's about being out of alignment with SELF WORTH... And there's something in there- that needs to be healed.


The term 'healing' arts- refers to the so many different ways that people are helping and serving each other nowadays.

WE are helping each other and it's amazing to see and experience!

But- If the doctor, only 'healed' people in her off time, Because she had to support herself with her slave job, How can she help all of those that need her?

In order to be really serving, you need to be IN the game, It needs to be what you DO Not a side hobby.

My question for you is not why are you not charging for your offerings?

My question is- Why are you not offering your gifts as your way of life already? 🌸

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