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If you keep worrying about everyone liking you-you're never gonna get your business off the ground

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

When you start your own business-

You are going to have to give up on wanting everyone to like you-

And approve of what you are doing

You might think that you don’t worry about that much-

I thought that too.

But what's keeping you back?

Are you worried about

What to Name your business?

Do you shy away from claiming what you do?

Do You feel like- "who am I to do this?"

You also need to remember that just as you are having these thoughts and feelings-

So is everyone else- at least at some point, we all have.

Are you worried about who might have an opinion about what you are up to?

When we are free and empowered and making choices for ourselves that serve our purpose- and support our healthiness as a being-(You have been here before)

There is no judgment for others.

There’s compassion, support, understanding, empathy even.

Haters- are hating because that is part of their own Resistance-

Their own FEAR hiding under neath.

The more that you chose you,

Listen you your own guidance,

Follow your own path,

The more that you give others the opportunity to do the same.

Think about it.

Think about who inspires you.

And when you see them doing their thing-

How does that make you feel in your body?

Usually empowerment- right? Maybe excited? Inspired?

Or- those times when you have been judgmental- (We all have)

Ask- why are you Really being judgmental?

You can usually trace it back to -

YOU not doing the thing you want to be doing.

And the judgement- is really you trying to keep your self safe from Exposure.

But what it’s really doing, is keeping you trapped.

Cause maybe today- you are aren’t so judgmental of your sister- cause you've learned to accept-

But You are judging yourself- and afraid others will judge you-

And so you’re stuck in a cage-

What to do about it?

FORGIVE yourself. ✨

Send love out to all of those who you’ve judged.

Be empowered by the fact that they did it anyway.

Despite your judgements.

Nothing is going to be perfect first time around.

I will tell you-



This year included!

I have learned more from doing it "the wrong way” Than I ever could’ve If I’d just done it perfect the first time.

And the only way- you can even do it the wrong way- Is to DO IT in the first place!

So- time to get on the horse!

Know you are going to fall ✨

And all of us, that are up here, are falling off of our horses too-

We support you!

Come on Team!

We are the change!

WE have to start BEING it- right NOW!!!!

If you are ready to start building your business-

I have a program for just that very thing

You can fill out an application for a free business building strategy call here:


Jaime Black

Photo credit: Jay Kantor


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