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Just the word creates feeling in my body.

Freedom to me now days is being financially liberated.

Freedom is serving my purpose. Creating and funding projects that I believe are of service to others.

But that's just now. Freedom has meant many things to me throughout my journey. Freedom to live my own life. To be on my own as a woman. To not have kids, to not be married.

To be alone. To travel. To wake up early, to stay up late.

To eat the entire pint of ice cream if I want to!

In the past it was freedom to be broke, to Live more than I worked everyday. At that time the feeling of freedom was necessary to get me through each day because I was healing from trauma.

And so I realize, Freedom has always been my thru line. It's most important to me. My favorite thing AND My requirement. and what my offerings ultimately aim to create for others.

So I'd love to ask-

What is Freedom to you?


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