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It stops us. We freeze. Never to move forward.

How many of you feel embarrassed about sharing your offerings with the world?

Be it a song, a poem, your own voice? what about your class, your show, your new program?

I heard someone talking about this recently and it really hit home for me.

I used to be so uncomfortable about inviting people to my FREE shows that I would wait until the very last day to send out the text-

(some of you remember )

And then I did it for my yoga classes.

I would sit in the car hoping no one would come- so that then I could just go home and it would be over. But of course I never got off that easy- someone would still come- because my offering was meant for Someone.

And then I realized I did it with my women's circles- a little bit less but still-

And then with my programs.. I noticed I was still doing the same thing.

Some of this becomes behavioral right?

This is the way we always do it, and the way we do one thing is the way that we do's becomes habitual.


SO- Embarrassment,

What is it costing you in your life?

In your business?

How would your life be different if you could move thru it?

Get on the other side?

We can not let embarrassment cost us our dream life!

Get some support.

I'm here for you.


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