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 I have a strict no refund policy on all of offerings. 

Moon Circles

Every New & Full Moon 

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If you miss your circle- you will be offered a ritual video for that moon so that you may still do the ritual or in some cases- allowed to join the next circle free of charge.  

Moon Circle Music

What is a moon circle?


"I love Jaime's moon circles so much.  They are a beautiful way to set intentions, release and doing it all while being witnessed by other women.  She has a magical voice and leads a powerful ceremony.   I can't recommend them enough to women."

-Rory C

 "Jaime's moon circles are by far my favorite way to spend a new or full moon! She creates such a loving and peaceful environment that is not only therapeutic and healing, but also fun. You can really tell how much she values creating a sense of community. I always feel seen and heard by her (and the other lovely women she attracts to her circles). The circles are always a bit different each time, in the best of ways, as Jaime really just seems to let them flow organically based on the energy present. My favorite part is the meditations, when she sings and plays music - her voice is so gorgeous and healing! Seriously. I would definitely recommend going to one of her circles if you're looking to connect with other open-hearted spiritually-minded souls"

-Erika W.


"Jaime's full moon circles are a beautiful way to be seen and heard in a loving environment. She provides guided suggestions based off the current astrological energy during each moon phase, you're invited to share what you're working on and releasing or can remain silent & still feel an immense amount of support. She has a unique meditation where she sings and plays sound bowl or guitar that is wonderfully soothing and calls you "home" I really enjoy the energy she facilitates in this circle I felt connected to and supported by everyone here. Thank you Jaime and sisters of the circle!"

-Andrea T